Lightmatter partnered with David, a startup whose mission is equality under the law. David helps people hold corporations accountable for their promises. David and Lightmatter built an easy-to-use tool at to demand refunds from cable and wireless companies for bogus charges, broken speed promises, and other misconduct.

Many of us are so accustomed to companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable breaking their word. We chalk it up to bad “customer service,” as if it were legally optional for corporations to keep their promises. It’s not. When these monopolists miss service appointments, keep you on hold for hours, or hang up on you, they violate your right to the benefit of the bargain. A series of Supreme Court cases have allowed these companies to ban class actions. But it’s cost-prohibitive to bring an individual lawsuit over one month’s cable bill. The practical result has been that these corporations break the law with impunity. Until David. Having experienced these injustices ourselves, we built a solution to help customers stand up for their rights, combining deep legal research by Yale Law School alums will elegant web design.

David Inc


Fall 2015


  • Product Design, Application Development

"Lightmatter shared our passion for building practical solutions to real problems. People are surprised to learn that a consultancy is responsible for the high code quality of our alpha. Most importantly, it’s gratifying to see people getting money back from their cable and cell phone companies using the tool Lightmatter helped build."

Jon Fougner

CEO, David

  • Product Design

    Focusing on the user experience was integral to the success of the product. We designed the application in a simple Q&A and fill-in-the-blank format to gather essential data. After finishing and submitting her demand letter in 5 minutes, the user can view the status of her letter, add more details, and even let the FCC know what her telco has done.

  • Application Development

    We used Ember, a modern javascript framework for the front end of the application and a backend Python / Django server to store and manage data.

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