Lightmatter and Ether Strategy collaborated on an iPhone experience for wellness professionals to connect with students and clients, book appointments, and invite friends for a range of services like yoga, mediation, and mindfulness.

Finding the right instructor, booking appointment times, and coordinating venue locations to host has been a manual and messy process in the past when it comes to group classes and exercises in the wellness space. Lightmatter and Ether Wellness worked to solve these problems by building a platform where individuals and groups can select from a range of wellness services, discover and book professionals to teach classes, and invite friends to join.

Ether Wellness


Spring 2016


  • Product Design, Application Development

"The Lightmatter team helped develop a product that was built for scale. They served not just as an outside team, but an integrated partner to help make the right decisions and build something great."

Steve Capone

CEO, Ether Wellness

  • Product Design & Application Development

    The application required a polished look and feel that matched the emerging wellness industry but also an intuitive experience that guided the user through registration, class creation and booking. As a user, one could be both a professional or student, allowing participants to switch on a per class basis as well as set and choose locations for each. We decided with Ether Wellness that the platform best suited for a project like this would be a native application for the iPhone. With moving backend components such as calendaring, appointment creation and deletion, rescheduling and group classes, we created a reliable platform that allowed for the flexible nature of wellness services.

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