Lightmatter and Fluent City, a New York based foreign language learning company, partnered together to create a new online platform for students to register for classes, events, and cultural workshops.

Learning a foreign language is difficult, but Fluent City found the best way to teach those willing to learn through intense, in-person classes. We joined forces to make the online experience of discovering these classes seamless and enjoyable, in addition to improving Fluent City's overall business operations.

Fluent City

Education / Language Learning

Summer 2016


  • Dev Ops and Training, Application Development

"Lightmatter trained our team on best practices and paired with our engineers as we made the shift. Their technical guidance is very strong, and their commitment to client delivery is exceptional."

James Rohrbach

CEO, Fluent City

  • Dev Ops and Training

    We trained Fluent City’s developers on the agile software process, proper Git usage, test coverage, and best practices on how to use Python within the Django framework while providing technical support throughout every step of the process. Just 2 months later, the Fluent City development team was able to launch their application. Today, the site’s well-designed backend combined with completely revamped user interface is helping the brand delight, inform, and engage language learners across the city.

  • Application Development

    After the initial build, Lightmatter continued working with Fluent City to grow and improve the platform. As their business model expanded from just offering language classes to holding workshops, events and other cultural experiences, Lightmatter developed new features. Critical to the success of this application and the business were integrations with Salesfoce, Stripe, Mailchimp and other services so that Fluent City could continue business operations. Lightmatter extended upon the platform with special attention given to these integrations, improving Fluent City's internal workflow.

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