Lightmatter and the New York Times T Brand Studio collaborated on an a two week Architectural Evaluation of the organization’s software development process. We worked alongside engineers, project managers, designers, and editors to better understand the company’s people, process, and technology.

The Lightmatter team helped T Brand Studio rethink how people in their organization develop software. We looked at individual contributions, team wide deliverables, and how these were assembled. We created and delegated a plan that solved this by allowing each contributor to focus on just their strengths and direct responsibilities while not blocking other members of the team. This not only alleviated intradepartmental pressure but also helped team members better understand their specific deliverable.

T Brand Studio


Fall 2016


  • Architectural Evaluation, Custom Development

"Lightmatter helped us rethink how our team communicates about software, the tools we use, and improve the quality of the code we write. We are a better team because of their insights. Great team to partner with."

Prima Prasertrat

Associate Director of Technology, T Brand Studio at the New York Times

  • Architectural Evaluation

    The software development process of any given organization is often a reflection of the company’s workflow, existing technology, and overall business goals. We worked with the T Brand Studio to improve not only how the software was written by encouraging code reviews and proper branching techniques, but also how their software was discussed and shared. We helped implement code-only meetings on a weekly basis to tighten feedback loops and established a process management plan to focus on shipping quality code. We also helped advise on building digital templates and blueprints for automating paid post content creation across sales, project management, and development divisions.

  • Custom Development for paid post content

    After our Architectural Evaluation, T Brand Studio and Lightmatter continued their partnership by creating custom paid post content together. We worked closely with the T Brand team to develop animations, graphics, and layout for a paid post article. We integrated with their development team to collaborate and ship a paid post that commented on the relationship between well-being and emotions, and how this difference between the millennial and non millennial generations affects well-being. We built tools and visualizations to engage users and measure their optimism level of the future, and create an overall assessment of their well-being that could be shared.

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