We Make It Together

How We Make It

  • Application Development

    We work with smart, entrepreneurial, and open-minded people and companies. Many are small organizations, even individuals, others are much larger (Fortune 2000). What matters is how passionately our partners care about building and executing on their projects. We develop tested code, implement agile methodology, and lead weekly sprints to write quality software for web and mobile applications.

  • On-Site Development

    Many of our partners request that we continue working with them after an initial development phase out of their offices. Others request that they'd like training or a second opinion on their current projects. If working with Lightmatter as an on-site partner, we immerse ourselves in your codebase, systems, and overall workflow as long as needed. With outside expertise and fresh ideas, we can leverage your organization's technical capabilities and work as a direct technical extension of your team.

  • Architectural Evaluations

    The Lightmatter Architectural Evaluation provides clients with a guide of recommendations and best practices for the software development process. We collaborate on-site with our partners specifically to evaluate their current software development life-cycle and project management by focusing on their people, process, and technology. Based on our findings, we implement new strategies and tooling to help our partners achieve their goals.

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