Interested in writing a Smart Contract or a building a Blockchain enabled App? Let's talk.

About Blockmatter

We help companies understand decentralized technology and build blockchain enabled software and DApps. We advise on and implement architecture, infrastructure, and protocol layer decisions, and help write all of the necessary software that is core or adjacent to your platform like mobile or native apps, API's, and admin interfaces. We specifically don't advise on (but have partners we can refer you to) token economics or legal implications about your token or business.

How We Help

We can work with your team to:

  • Evaluate a blockchain usecase for your business and select an appropriate protocol based on your goals.

  • Build an application from concept to launch that uses blockchain technology. We can create an API that reads and writes to a blockchain, build a custom DApp for public or private consumption, or write Smart Contracts in Solidity with OpenZepelin and Truffle.

  • Develop (program) a token, or build on top of an existing protocol.

  • Audit Smart Contracts for vulnerabilities.

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