About the client

A care management product built for patients–by a patient

After nearly a decade struggling to navigate Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Sam Jactel knew there had to be a more effective way to deal with the condition. Enter Ayble Health–a company combining clinical protocols, behavioral science, and machine learning to meaningfully shift how gut health is treated and managed.

While the current standard of care tends to push patients toward one-size-fits-all pharmaceutical solutions, Sam is building a more personalized approach that has been proven to increase patient engagement and improve their outcomes.

“The standard of care just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s really treating only half the person, and what we’ve noticed is that lifestyle changes–things like identifying trigger foods and having psychological support–have a long term meaningful impact on outcomes. Our goal with Ayble is to be essentially everything beyond the pill for patients with chronic GI conditions.”
Sam Jactel,
Founder & CEO
Our goal

Creating a platform to enable personalized, predictive care paths

In addition to years of clinical research–which has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals–Ayble had already built the world’s largest GI behavioral health database by the time they approached us for help.

The challenge was not just to synthesize all of that data and research, but to most effectively package it to patients via actionable, personalized treatment plans. Because there is little consensus around what causes or triggers chronic GI issues from patient to patient, there is no single set of “best practices” when it comes to treatment.

Patients track what they eat–along with any symptoms they experience–on a daily basis using tracking tools we dubbed “Gut Checks.” The platform then uses predictive AI and machine learning to compare the patient’s experience against the clinical research housed in Ayble’s database. As the platform learns more about the patient, their treatment plan is updated in real time.

Our approach

Making gut health management more digestible

To keep patients engaged in their treatment program, we knew we’d need to design the product using motivational UX principles, building in the surprise and delight moments that would incentivize users to continue tracking their diet and symptoms each day.

This included celebration screens that appeared when users completed multi-day Gut Check streaks, completed a phase, or achieved other important milestones as they progressed through the program.

We mapped logic-based user flows informed by clinical and user data to ensure patients were progressing through the program–but within their own comfort zone. GI symptoms can flare up at any point, so the product has to balance user autonomy with helpful support and guidance.

With several potential treatment paths, each of which contain multiple pages in the app, we created dozens of unique designs that feel cohesive, yet distinct, throughout each patient’s complete journey. Ayble’s product bundles a traditionally tedious treatment process into a seamless app that makes it easier than ever to manage chronic GI conditions.

The result

Raising the bar for better GI care

After securing $4.6 million dollars in Seed funding led by Upfront Ventures and M13, Ayble unveiled their digital health platform and opened their program for early access patients in early 2023.

“Ayble is a comprehensive data driven ecosystem of support beyond the pill for GI patients. In this way, we treat the whole person. It’s what we wished we had for ourselves, and in doing so, we’re changing the gold standard of care.”
Sam Jactel,
Founder & CEO