A 3-image collage. Image 1 is the Poppin’s leadership team, from left to right: Brodie Stone, co-founder and chief revenue officer; Olivia Cameron, co-founder and chief product officer; and Ross Klosterman, co-founder and CEO. Image 2 is Poppins Health logo. Image 3 is a small business icon.
About the client

Running a healthy company comes at a premium

Growing up as the children of entrepreneurs, Brodie, Olivia, and Ross each witnessed the ups and downs of operating a family business.

Finding customers, growing your company, and improving your offerings are all seen as heroic and worthy tasks in the startup world. But less discussed is the invisible weight burdening every small business owner: offering health benefits for their employees.

“No person should go bankrupt paying for health expenses, just as an employer shouldn’t go out of business for providing them.”

An insurance provider with ethical incentives?!

Ross, Olivia, and Brodie founded Poppins to take the guesswork out of selecting insurance plans for small business owners.

By optimizing coverage and costs for both the employer and its employees, they can achieve better care and savings for the healthcare system as a whole, as long as the product is designed and used correctly.

The Activity screen from the Poppin’s mobile application, next to three UI components: Bill Payment, Copay, and the ID Card.
Our approach

A mobile app designed to reduce complexity and frustration

Poppins Health asked our team to redesign their member portal and simplify the effort needed to understand plan coverage. Care and cost transparency were priorities of the engagement.

Consolidating components, views, and user workflows

After inheriting a previous agency’s wireframes that were missing key user interactions, we enhanced the visual designs, incorporated a more on-brand look and feel, and introduced a new health-specific information architecture.

An illustration of a woman in a yellow t-shirt looking at her phone while wearing a mask. Three color swatches are overlapping the right of the illustration. These colors include: yellow, deep turquoise, and bright blue.
From right to left: Poppins typography, a selection of 8 icons used in the Poppins app, and a message component from Messages.

Healthcare is complicated enough–the tools managing it need to be simple

Sometimes the best designs we can create are those that are clean, functional, and accessible.

We consolidated frontend components, eliminated unnecessary page views, and reduced workflow complexity to elevate care and cost transparency information for the user.

Various components from Poppin’s UI include: a user’s profile picture, desktop navigation (including Home, ID Card & Plan, Get Care, Activity, and more), a card component for My Plan, and a card component for Primary Care Provider.
The result

Tackling one of healthcare's biggest problems–costs

After redesigning their member portal and elevating their brand, the Poppins Health team raised $7M in seed funding.

They're continuing to expand and helping more small business owners focus on their top priority—taking care of their employees.

“We’re on a mission to help every individual access the right healthcare, at the right place, and at the right price. You know, easy stuff.”
Ross Klosterman, Co-Founder