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About the client

Seeking help is one battle; getting the right help is another

After watching a loved one navigate the dizzying and ineffective process of finding a therapist, Alex Katz knew there had to be a better approach to mental health.

As the founder and CEO of Two Chairs, he’s determined to fix the system. Despite the advice from investors and the exorbitant prices of SF real estate, Alex knew back in 2017 what everyone else now realizes post-Covid: virtual tools might make care more accessible, but it is not a substitute for in-person treatment.

A headshot of Alex Katz, CEO of Two Chairs.
“Technology at Two Chairs means building products and experiences that improve in-person care – not replace it.”
Alex Katz,
Founder & CEO
Our goal

Trusting relationships start with a warm first impression

As he started building a new mental health care system that works, Alex needed a marketing website that could scale with the ambitions of his company. The site design had to invite patients in with a welcoming, human tone while allowing the Two Chairs staff to manage the more-nuanced steps required to match these patients with therapists.

Our approach

Diligent design for exceptional experience

After reviewing a variety of brand assets and guidelines that we inherited from a previous agency, our team designed UX wireframes and high fidelity UI designs for the marketing site. These captured core patient workflows such as clinic location search, therapist profiles, and scheduling.

Screenshot of Two Chairs newsletter sign up form.Screenshot of a Two Chairs location webpage.Screenshot of Two Chairs booking system.
Screenshot of Two Chairs value proposition.Screenshot of a few of Two Chairs expert therapists. Screenshot of a therapist's profile page.

As we did this, we identified reusable frontend components, integrated third party tools, and reviewed Two Chairs' admin use cases to ensure the CMS could easily be maintained.

A reusable component with a large image that we designed for Two Chairs website.
A list item component we created for Two Chairs CMS website.
Screenshot of the custom google map design we created for Two Chairs locations.

After the UX direction was established, we applied Two Chair’s brand assets and guidelines to the website, expanding upon design direction as needed to define user goals and capture the problem space Two Chairs solved.

From animation files to properly-placed photography to SEO meta data, we helped Two Chairs complete a successful migration to the new site.

The result

Catching fire starts with a match

Now with several locations in California and Washington, Two Chairs is helping patients take the guesswork out of therapy. In a world where mental health is more critical than ever, 98% (!!) of Two Chairs clients find the right therapist on their first try.

Shortly after the website launch in 2019, Two Chairs raised a $7M Maveron-led Series A. Just a few months later, Alex and his team raised a $24M Series B.

“In our most fragile moments, we need our healthcare system to be at its most accessible and welcoming.”
Alex Katz,
Founder & CEO