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About the client

Helping primary care practices–and their patients–thrive

As an early employee and VP at Oscar Health, Michael Kopko learned just how pivotal PCPs are in reducing costs and improving outcomes—not just for individual patients, but also for entire populations.

With the ultimate goal of democratizing access to value in healthcare, Michael co-founded Pearl Health with Ankit Patel and Jeff De Flavio to empower physicians to provide better care for their patients and increase revenue through value-based care payment models

“We’re building technology that places providers at the center of healthcare delivery and cost management. We believe that enabling physicians to deliver more coordinated care for their patients is the best way to help our healthcare system transition from volume to value.”
Michael Kopko, Co-founder & CEO
Our goal

Increasing financial transparency and choice

While value-based care models present opportunities for PCPs to capture more revenue for value they may already be creating, lacking analytics capabilities and know-how can make options for participating seem overly complicated.

With already-limited bandwidth, many providers simply don’t have the time to do all of the upfront research or have the capital reserves necessary to make the transition to value-based care models—even when there is a massive potential upside for their patients and their revenue.

To address this problem, Pearl sought to make it easier for providers to understand their options for participating in value-based care programs, such as ACO REACH, offering a new level of transparency into the potential financial implications for participating practices.

This platform would not only help providers better understand their Medicare patients and their larger Medicare populations, but it would also give them the ability to analyze and forecast their total spend on patient care on a more granular basis from year to year.

And because Pearl Health knows that no two physicians or practices share the same challenges, they sought our help in building a platform that could be customized to meet the unique needs that vary from practice to practice.

Our approach

Build, ship, scale,

After interviewing key stakeholders and aligning on a prioritized roadmap, we helped Pearl build and launch a variety of early page views, workflows, and platform features focused on onboarding, payments, and building client community.

Our first initiative focused on researching, designing, and testing prototype concepts for provider readiness. By creating concepts that assessed inputs like practice size and risk tolerance, we could help showcase how providers could generate customized estimates of revenue increases and cost savings at each practice with the Pearl platform.

Our focus then shifted to building a robust set of tools and features within the core platform, with the biggest emphasis on the provider backend. Through tooling for workflows such as onboarding, payments, client community, and education, Pearl was able to onboard their first physician practices and establish trust through issuing their first monthly payments after launch.

The result

Democratizing value
in healthcare

Throughout 2022, Pearl partnered with ~800 PCPs across 29 states. Pearl recently announced a $75 million Series B funding round, led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Growth Fund and Viking Global Investors, with follow-on funding from AlleyCorp, SV Angel’s Growth Fund, and other leading investors.


Series B Funding





This latest fundraising round, combined with Pearl’s previous investments, will allow them to expand their reach, diversify their offerings, and accelerate the development of innovative solutions that place providers at the center of healthcare delivery and cost management.