NYU Langone & Prelude Fertility

Branding and building a fertility network at scale

Architecting and consolidating disparate assets to deliver a consistently-branded national network of clinics.

Our Work

Product Strategy
Branding & Website
UX & UI Design
Software Development

About the client

A “prelude” is an introduction to something more important

As the fastest growing network of fertility centers in North America, that’s exactly what The Prelude Network is for aspiring parents—providing access to the best fertility treatment options and patient care available.

In partnership with NYU Langone’s Fertility Center, Prelude asked our team to audit, redesign, and develop the digital infrastructure to support all 50+ of their locations across the US. The project required the creation of a singular national brand platform with enough flexibility to support customization of individual clinic experiences.


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“The entirety of the project moved forward quickly and productively, with no time wasted. Their depth of analysis and effort to segment our market was most impressive.”
Leigh Herzog, COO
Our goal

A centralized network of clinics

After acquiring several private clinics, the Prelude Network had inherited significant technical debt, brands and designs that varied widely, and other inefficiencies that prevented a major digital network upgrade.

Decisions on each clinic’s EMR, CRM, scheduling and analytics applications, and HIPAA privacy tools needed to be consolidated and integrated into a single system.

Starting with NYU Langone, we needed to build a product that could unify the existing clinics as one best-in-class fertility brand, along with the ability to quickly add more clinics as the network grew.

Our approach

Identifying cost savings and consolidation opportunities

We began by auditing the existing web infrastructure of 10+ clinics to identify brand and design drift. Programming language and framework choices, third party tools, and overall architecture and infrastructure were reviewed next.

As a result, we eliminated redundancies and clinic expenses to save each clinic an average of $10,000+ in monthly digital spend, which added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced costs across the national network.

Multiple sites, one platform

After our audit, we designed and developed a multisite CMS framework. This strategy leveraged a base website template that each individual clinic could easily customize.

With the new CMS, each clinic across the Prelude network is able to share technical and marketing resources to establish a consistently-branded web presence, while also giving them the freedom to tailor their content to reflect the unique offerings of their location. To ensure each clinic team would have a seamless transition in managing their sites, we oversaw the effective integration of email and blog templates, analytics, CRM, and other admin features and tools.

Prioritizing the patient journey

As we built more clinic platforms, we created consistent style guidelines for each clinic, along with a simplified information architecture, to ensure each website would deliver a human-centered experience.

This required balancing the immediate needs of patients (such as scheduling a consult with a physician) with the more intense and research-focused insights from the scientific community.

The new websites generated insights based on user behavior (site traffic, lead routing and classification, SEO effectiveness). Using this data, we improved access to patient education, made it easier to book appointments, and highlighted patient outcomes.

The result

Eliminating growing pains

With this new multisite CMS, each new fertility clinic that joins the network will be able to easily adopt a consistent brand experience as they scale.

By increasing operational efficiency and site UX, Prelude was able to increase booking conversion, onboard more patients, and ultimately, give more patients access to the fertility care they need.

“So happy to have worked with this team—thoughtful, creative, and flexible to partner with.”
Leigh Herzog, COO