A smiling portrait of a Dr. Ingrid Murra, dressed in a dentist's white coat.
About the client

Dr. Ingrid Murra knows first-hand how empowering a beautiful smile is

After three years of braces, she emerged with a new self-confidence that opened a world of opportunities for her. Years later, she’s helping others feel the same–and at scale.

As the founder and CEO of Two Front, Ingrid has built an operating system to deliver at-home and telehealth teeth straightening care that combines the latest technology with a customized care delivery experience.

“It’s time we level up and provide our patients with the experience and convenience the modern person expects.”
Dr. Ingrid Murra, Founder & CEO
Our goal

Creating cohesion across multiple user personas

Ingrid and her team approached us to help design their product's platform UX and UI. A compelling and effective approach was required to balance the needs of three different personas: orthodontists, dentists, and patients.

A circle divided into three equal parts. There is a user persona in each third labelled: patients, dentists, and orthodontists.

For orthodontists & dentists

For orthodontists and dentists, we prioritized experiences that focused on revenue forecasting and historical bookings. Paired with data visualizations and sales tools, the platform helps these doctors avoid referral run-around and patient fallout.

Busy providers can deliver concierge care experiences while passively growing their practice with technology.

For patients

For patients, we prioritized engagement and removed the friction often experienced in workflows such as account creation, intake forms, scheduling, payments, and follow-up appointments. Patients wouldn't be fatigued as they navigated their care journeys.

Elements taken from Two Front's patient work flows. From top to bottom, graphics include: a 5-star review of a doctor, a video call between a dentist and a patient, a different patient showing off her teeth, and a day/time appointment modal.
Our approach

Getting creative with data

To optimize user workflows, our team analyzed research and insights from orthodontist, dentist, and patient surveys about care quality experiences with technology.

Starting with low-fi wires to test assumptions

We began by making iterative improvements to a core set of workflows, starting with low-fidelity wireframes. These transitioned into polished high-fidelity designs, with priority given to onboarding, scheduling, checkout, and dashboard views, based on our findings.

Auditing core workflows & key product requirements

Seamless communication and
care feedback loops were critical for all personas.

A user workflow that begins with opening the Two Front application, booking an appointment, selecting the time/date, adding contact info, and booking the appointment with a confirmation.

Refined wireframes, hi-fi designs

Focusing on aesthetics down to details such as transitions, animations, and data state (default, error, empty, loading views), we created consistency throughout the platform for the subtle interactions that drive engagement.

A collage of components from the Two Front application. From top to bottom: Two Front's desktop sign up form, two numerical sales data components, a dentist's bio including specialty treatments, languages spoken, and education history, and Dr. Ingrid Murra's headshot.
4 different, isolated hands outstretched holding clear teeth retainers.
The result

Making radiant first impressions

By showcasing the designs at conferences and networking events, the Two Front team attracted investor and customer attention to raise $3.5M in seed funding.

More importantly, patients have a clear path to a more confident smile thanks to Ingrid’s product.

“This is just the beginning. I started Two Front to truly democratize smiles for everyone.”
Dr. Ingrid Murra, Founder & CEO